Devotional Week One – Part 1

Sunday May 31

How Long Will God Put Up with Us?
Matthew 17:14-23

What does God require of us? If you stop and think, God really does not require a lot. He wants us to have faith and be faithful. In this passage of scripture, the disciples could not help the man whose son had seizures. After Jesus healed  him, the disciples asked why they could not. Jesus said they had LITTLE faith. He  seemed to indicate they did not really believe they could.

Monday June 1

Your Heart Through Your Tears
Acts 20:25-31

God honors the prayers of His righteous ones. Prayer is the way we can build a hedge of protection around God’s church.  Think about the time you have spent in prayer for your church, your leaders,  your pastor, and the lost and unreached entrusted to you.

Tuesday June 2

Remember Your Confrontation with God
Exodus 3:1-15

You must be able to identify the confrontation when Almighty  God, Creator of the universe, and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, first made contact with you. Not necessarily the day or the hour, but the fact that you KNEW it was Him.

Wednesday June 3

Love and Unity Are the Keys

Unity is a spiritual bond the Lord creates  when the right attitude, spirit, and bond exist. What if…? What if all Christians had this unity? We probably would not be praying for revitalization. We would all have one  focus—to bring glory to the Father!